When Do I Need a Parental Rights Lawyer?

When people are in the middle of a messy contested divorce, sometimes the welfare of the children can get lost in the process.  The spouses may be so focused on their end game that they forget that children don’t know how to handle the hostilities and the heightened emotions that happen during the divorce. Learn more here.

Child Custody

Custody and visitation rights can get ugly.  It is vitally important to both spouses that each of them have a parental rights lawyer.  At Swilling Family Law we have been through this process hundreds of times.  We will bring a level-headed approach to figuring out custody and visitation.  WE won’t be drawn into the grievances of each spouse, but instead will only think about the best outcome for the child. Learn more about What About Custody Rights When the Parents Aren’t Married.

Guardian ad litem

Sometimes it is best to remove the parents from the equation temporarily.  In this case, the judge in the case will appoint an attorney from Swilling Family Law to be the voice of the child.  Our experienced attorneys will investigate the family’s living situation in deep detail.  Then they will evaluate.  

At this point, the attorney will make a recommendation to the court as to how custody and visitation should be set up.