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Roswell Custody Rights Attorney For Unmarried Parents

Helping parents proceed with issues pertaining to custody and financial matters is complicated enough when they’re married. When the parents are unmarried, the unknowns multiply exponentially. Families in Georgia are wonderfully diverse, but with that diversity in what your family may look like, from bonus parents and same-sex parents to grandparents helping raise their grandchildren, the definition of family is growing. If you’re concerned or unsure about your rights as an unmarried parent, it’s important you have a law firm on your side that not only knows how to proceed — but has done so before successfully. Swilling Family Law has a proven track record of advocating triumphantly on behalf of families who have been in your shoes, and we look forward to helping more clients achieve successful results.

Equitable Caregiver

Equitable caregiver status allows the courts to honor parents that are chosen and purposefully raising children in an unconventional family. From same-sex couples with surrogates to step-parents, these families would have otherwise been limited in protecting their relationship with their children. These cases require legal expertise that doesn’t come standard at most law practices, but for families in the Roswell, Georgia, and surrounding areas, can be found at Swilling Family Law. You may think that as an unmarried parent, you have no parental rights. But Georgia law does now recognize parents in your situation, and we’re ready to protect your rights.

Our specialties include:

  • Same-Sex Parents
  • Step-Parent Cases
  • De Facto Parents
  • Psychological Parents


Many Georgians are starting families before or instead of marriage. Parents who are married or have been married do not need to go through the legal process of legitimation. But if you are an unmarried father, legitimation is a process that you must go through to secure your legal rights as a parent. As an unmarried mother, you may have concerns about the legitimation process. Swilling Family Law can take you through the steps necessary to claim and defend your parental rights, so that your relationship with your child is legally protected.

Our specialties include:

  • Legitimation
  • Paternity

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