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For many people, their first interaction with a lawyer comes when a family law issue has surfaced in their lives. While these cases can be emotionally-charged and overwhelming, Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC is here to help you. We understand how difficult family law cases can be and work closely with our clients to see that the resolution reached is in their best interests.

We are committed to keeping our clients informed about the status of their case at all times. Our Roswell-based firm answers questions when asked and provides information that helps clients make educated decisions about their case with our guidance. Our successes helping diverse families of all makeups is extensive, including those seeking complex adoptions, same-sex couples facing real obstacles under Georgia law, clients needing high-asset divorce litigation and those going through the appeals process through the Georgia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Georgia.

Our Tailored Services

  • Divorce: Whether you are involved in a contested, uncontested or amicable divorce, the process can be confusing and stressful. We are here to help you understand your rights and options when dealing with all divorce-related issues.
  • Modification: Any changes to an existing family court order must be made with the court’s approval. If you need to modify a child custody, child support or other related matters due to a substantial change in your circumstances, we can assist you in ensuring the request is made through the correct process.
  • Unmarried parents’ rights: It is important that parents understand their rights, regardless of the relationship they had or have with the other parent of their children. Our firm provides information on how to go about determining paternity (legitimation) and how that affects your rights in custody and support matters.
  • Guardian ad litem: Our attorney is appointed as a guardian ad litem in family law cases. This designation charges us with investigating and evaluating a family’s situation. Once assessed, we are then able to make a recommendation to the court regarding custody, visitation and other guidelines for how children are to be handled in a situation.
  • Other family law matters: Our firm confidently handles a wide range of other family law matters, including grandparents’ rights, adoptions, appeals, temporary protective orders and more. Talk to us about your unique situation, and we can determine how best to approach the case.

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