Managing Stress During a Divorce or Family Case

by | Jun 11, 2021

Whether you’ve been served with divorce papers or you’re the one filing, the process can be daunting if you tackle it alone. However long the process takes, and whatever the result, you need to manage your stress levels during a divorce or family case

These tips from Swilling Family Law in Roswell, GA, will help you navigate this uncertain time with an experienced family lawyer at your side.

Break Tasks into Smaller Steps 

When looking at the entire divorce process and paperwork as a whole, it can quickly look like a daunting task that is too much to handle. So, take it one step at a time and celebrate small milestones as you gather the necessary documentation, signatures, or other information. Break down the process into multiple steps that you can accomplish over time to make the overwhelming tasks more achievable. 

Establish a Plan

This may come before or after you break the necessary tasks of your divorce proceedings into smaller steps, depending on the level of support and guidance you need. As you create your plan of action—whether it be daily to-do lists written on a paper calendar or reminders saved to your phone—make sure to plan in some time to do anything other than thinking about your divorce. 

Overthinking rarely does anyone any good. Find a healthy distraction to take your mind off things for a while. Try a painting class; go for a walk; call a friend to inquire about their life. Shifting your focus to someone else’s concerns or celebrations can take you out of your own head in a healthy way. 

Let Someone Help You 

This may be difficult if you’re the one who’s had to handle everything over the years, but you need to engage a support system during a divorce or family case. This can be challenging if there are mutual friends or beloved in-laws but connect with your people who will be there to listen to you vent, make you laugh, or take your mind off things. 

Avoid major stressors during a divorce by hiring a reputable law firm to handle the particulars of navigating the legal system. Hiring your own lawyer means someone is on your side and looking out for your best interests throughout the process. 

Prioritize Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep is important for a happy, healthy life. Keep a notepad and pen by your bed so that when you can’t “turn off” your thoughts, you can write them down. Jot down your concerns, questions, or action steps. This helps get these thoughts off your mind and onto paper and makes a great start for tomorrow’s to-do list. 

Swilling Family Law Is Here to Help

If you have children and are going through the divorce process in Roswell, GA, you can appoint Swilling Family Law Firm as a Guardian Ad Litem to make a recommendation in your children’s best interest. In addition, Swilling Family Law Firm will work collaboratively with your spouse’s attorney to make the process as smooth as possible. 

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