Know Your Parental Rights

With the recent changes in U.S. immigration law, many parents are more confused than ever about their parental rights and responsibilities. The following information is designed to help you understand your parental rights under current U.S. laws and provide some general guidelines for what this means for families who need to travel with children outside of the country or enter the United States after a long absence from home care due to overseas military duty, work assignments, or other reasons that may require international travel. Visit this link for more information.

Parental rights are ties that bind. In the United States, parental rights give parents certain entitlements and responsibilities concerning their children under U.S. law and international human-rights laws governing child welfare. For a parent’s wish or preference regarding custody of their child to be taken into consideration by the court system based on a claim that they should have a more significant say in matters affecting their child’s life than would otherwise customarily accorded to them solely because they were the natural parents, those wishes must first meet some threshold standard showing genuine concern for what is best for their offspring before any weight will be given to it at all. See here for information about The Rights of Parents.