Family Law Attorney In Crabapple, GA

Many people first meet with a Crabapple family law attorney when they have a family related issue. These cases are often emotionally charged and can seem overwhelming. Our Crabapple family law attorneys are here to help you move forward with whatever family law issue you may be experiencing. We understand how sensitive family law cases can be. That is why our Crabapple family law attorneys are compassionate to each and every one of our clients as we understand this is a difficult time in one’s life. Each of our Crabapple family law attorneys work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the best possible resolution for whatever type of family law case they may be going through.

Our Crabapple’s family lawyers are dedicated to keeping clients always updated about their case status. We answer all questions and provide information to help clients make informed decisions regarding their family law case. We have helped many Crabapple families of diverse backgrounds, from those looking for complex adoptions to those with same-sex partners facing serious obstacles under Georgia law, to those who may need high-asset divorce litigation. Our Crabapple family law attorneys can even help those who are going through appeals through the Georgia Court of Appeals or Supreme Court of Georgia.

Tailored Crabapple Family Law Services For Your Unique Situation

Our family law attorneys understand that each of our client’s situations are unique. This why we tailor our services to meet each of our client’s unique family law case. Our family law attorneys are here to help our clients with the following family law cases:


Whether you are involved in a contested, uncontested or amicable divorce, the divorce process can be confusing and stressful. Our experienced Crabapple divorce attorneys are available to assist you in understanding your rights and choices when it comes to all aspects of divorce.


Any changes to an existing family court order must be made with the court’s approval. If you need to modify a child custody, child support or other related matters due to a substantial change in your circumstances, our Crabapple family law attorneys are available to assist you in ensuring the request is made through the correct legal process.

Unmarried parents’ rights

It is important that parents understand their rights, regardless of the relationship they had or have with the other parent of their children. Our Crabapple family lawyers provide guidance on paternity (legitimation) and the implications for custody and child support.

Guardian ad litem

Our Crabapple family law attorneys are appointed as a guardian ad litem in family law cases. This designation entails us with investigating and evaluating a family’s situation. After being assessed, we then make recommendations to the court about custody, visitation, and any other guidelines that will be used to handle a child’s particular situation.

Other Crabapple family law matters

Our family law firm confidently handles a wide range of other family law matters, including grandparents’ rights, adoptions, appeals, temporary protective orders and more. Talk to one of our Crabapple family law attorneys about your unique situation, and we can best determine how approach your unique case.

Schedule A Consultation With A Crabapple Family Law Attorney Today

Call our family law firm today at 678.646.6755 or contact us online to get started with your family law case. Our Crabapple family law attorneys can meet with you to discuss the case and your options for seeking a resolution that protects you, your future and your children.

Divorce Lawyers In Crabapple, GA

It can be difficult to go through a divorce, but having an experienced Crabapple divorce lawyer on your side can make the divorce process a smoother transition. Swilling Family Law’s Crabapple divorce lawyers are compassionate and knowledgeable advocates who will assist you with navigating the divorce process while putting you in the best position to move onto life’s next opportunities.

Experienced Crabapple Divorce Lawyers Guiding You Through All Aspects Of Contested Divorces

Typically, couples that didn’t get along in their marriages don’t always find it easy to reach an agreement on divorce. Our Crabapple divorce attorneys are experienced and skilled in presenting your case to give you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome in a contested divorce. Swilling Family Law is a team of top-rated divorce lawyers that will advocate for your goals while always seeking the best solution throughout the trial process.

Our Crabapple divorce lawyers confidently handle property division, child custody, child support, alimony (spousal support) and all other issues that arise in a wide variety of divorce situations, including:

  • Same-sex divorce
  • Business divorce
  • High-asset divorce
  • Interstate divorce
  • International divorce
  • Divorces by publication


Uncontested Divorce Vs. Amicable Divorce In Crabapple, GA

It’s always best for a family when both spouses can work out their legal separation issues. However, uncontested divorce situations can still be complicated. Our Crabapple divorce attorneys take all the confusion and complexity out of this process by ensuring clarity while moving the divorce proceedings along smoothly towards a successful outcome.

Although they may appear to be interchangeable, amicable and uncontested divorce can have very different meanings. An amicable divorce is when the spouses reach an agreement to settle their differences outside of court before the case has even been filed. This does not necessarily mean they will agree to every aspect of the divorce. To get the best team of experts, our divorce lawyers will work collaboratively with your spouse’s divorce lawyer. This collaborative approach allows everyone to create a unique solution to divorcing. Sometimes, this means bringing in realtors, financial planners and custody evaluators, who can help the family understand and resolve their problems. This is where our experienced divorce attorneys will ensure that you don’t give away your rights and what you are entitled to just because everybody is getting along. It’s always advised to have a trustworthy and experienced divorce attorney on your side who will advocate for what’s best for you and your family.

Contact A Dedicated Crabapple Divorce Attorney At Swilling Family Law

Our family law firm is on your side throughout the entire divorce process. For more information about filing for divorce, call one of our Crabapple divorce attorneys at 678.646.6755 or contact us online today.

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