Family Attorneys Help Diverse Families

Traditionally, marriage consisted of a woman married to a man and their children.  Although these continue to be the majority of today’s families, many of today’s families don’t fit this model. Further facts about Roswell, GA can be found here.

Same-Sex Marriages

Today it is not unusual to have two women married to each other, with children conceived in different ways.  We also see two men married to each other, again with children conceived in different ways. Click here to read about Family Attorneys Handle Child Custody Matters.

Blended Families

Family attorneys see many blended families.  One spouse brings their children to the marriage and the other spouse brings their children to the marriage.  Then they might have children together.

Just Like Traditional Families

Family attorneys know that diverse families go through the same problems as traditional families.  And under the law, same-sex spouses have the same rights as traditional spouses.  When same-sex spouses need to divorce, they need an experienced family attorney to help them the same way traditional spouses do.

Excellent Family Attorneys

Excellent family attorneys schedule a free consultation with prospective clients so that they can fully understand the circumstances.  Then they explain the laws to you.  Finally, they discuss your options and discuss the best strategies to help you succeed.